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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around


Kira: So, which one do I get?

Dax: Oh, er, both of these are for me.

The Harlem Shake didn't age well.

Sisko: Damn it, people, all I ask for is one good picture, and what do I get? Dax closes her eyes every time I say, "Cheese," and Kira, here keeps cracking up.

Nog: Oooh, this isn't going to go over well. Starfleet doesn't like it when you mess with the timeline. Why can't I be more like Captain Sisko? He'd never alter the timeline...

Sisko: Dr. Bashir! You look like Hell, what happened?

Kira: Hey, it's not all sunshine over here. I think I got a paper cut.

Bashir: A paper cut? Really? Look at me!

Kira: Yeah, yeah, poor Julian. Now can we focus on my paper cut, please?
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