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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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Anneke Wills (Polly) is hushed by a minder after starting to talk about The Power of the Daleks (which screened in Singapore).
I've seen small snippets about this over at GallifreyBase but I'm not entirely clear what this is about. Can elaborate? Also, what do you mean by "minder?"

Reading through this again it does put things in a very interesting light...

My mate has just reiterated conversation: apparently, he said how great it was that Underwater Menace, episode two, had come back, as her era was so badly represented in the archives. She said, 'Well, there is more to come.' At which point, minder says, 'I don't think you should be talking about that.' At which point, my mate said, 'Any clues?' And as the bouncer moved her on, she whispered, 'Power of the Daleks,' to him.
I personally think this was a bit iffy and never believed it, but in light of Ian Levine's comments...
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