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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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Star Trek has a stigma attached to it. It's just not "cool"
One might say the same thing about superhero comic books. But movies based on those comic books often perform extremely well.
Not really--that's more comedian routine than truth, as superheroes--whether on TV or the big screen--appealed to more than the comic fan demographic. Going back several decades, the Batmania that swept the U.S. (and beyond) in the 60s did not happen based on comic readers. The general public turned that TV series into a phenomenon. Similarly, the Donner Superman movies, Burton & Nolan's take on Batman, Raimi's Spider-Man films or The Avengers were all massive hits, thanks to a public that did not have the "uncool" stigma in their minds regarding people in tights fighting crime.

To the OP's question, a counter question: if audiences pass on nuTrek, but run to superhero films, what is nuTrek missing?
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