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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

So lets join the dots:

8000 films in a shipment arrive at the BBC in 2011, apparently containing (at least) 90 episodes of Doctor Who, source unknown.

Somehow an African engineer gets mixed up in all this.

The Tenth Planet (sold to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore) and The Evil of the Daleks (sold to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong) are mentioned by name. Neither of these stories reached Africa.

Mission, Master Plan, Warriors, Invasion and two episodes from Wheel are still missing (with the exception of the Hartnell stories - although Mission is may have - the others all went to Singapore).

Add to this:

Anneke Wills (Polly) is hushed by a minder after starting to talk about The Power of the Daleks (which screened in Singapore).

Despite being found nearly two years ago, The Underwater Menace 2 hasn't been released yet. Are we waiting on the remaining two missing installments to be announced...? (also went to Singapore).

My guess:

The Singaporean shipment finally made it home to the BBC, 40 years after setting sail on the Flying Dutchman.
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