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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

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I just saw Man of Steel, I'd hesitate to call it better written than STID.
I wouldn't, not for a moment - on at least two simple grounds: the internal logic of the plot is tighter, and the story requires less interest in or familiarity with back story from previous films or stories.

It's, I suppose, more accessible, if you like to see origin sequences that take 2.5 hours.
To most people, it's just a story. You shouldn't have to invest in the notion that there are other stories which precede and follow the one you're watching to get everything you can out of a movie.

Besides, Superman has the best origin story ever; in many ways his origin is his whole story. All the stuff that comes later is kind of tougher to get involved in.
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