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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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I'd bet there was one reason and one reason only why Chekov was written to take over for Scotty in this movie: it was a nod to the old fandom explanation for why Khan recognized Chekov in TWOK even though he wasn't on the show at the time of "Space Seed," namely that he was a member of the crew but was working in engineering at the time and thus not seen on the bridge. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
I thought it might be a nod to LaForge going from Conn Officer to Chief of Engineering.

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If your audience has to do your work for you, then you’ve already failed as a writer/producer.
There is a short scene where Kirk ask Chekov about him following Scotty like a puppy for the last months.
There, mission accomplished.
The audience learned everything they need to know to accept Chekov in engineering.
Ah, yeah, okay. So, remember, if you ever need major surgery to let the fresh intern do it because he's bright and he shadowed the head surgeon for a few months... Makes sense.

Me personally? I'm going with the next best skilled surgeon that works in the surgery/operation department and has been doing it for years.
As I mentioned above, Picard made Geordi, a Lt jg, his chief engineer and Worf, also a Lt jg, his Security Chief, even though neither one were assigned to those departments. Were there not officers in the Engineering and Security Departments that had more experience? Or perhaps it just made more sense to use existing characters in those roles?

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