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Re: (BIG) If the Tal Shiar/OO attack on the Founders

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It has plenty to do with. It demonstrates the Founders have no qualms about outsourcing the manufacture of the drug along with the distribution. So, another point that the Jem'Hadar would still have a supply of white even if the Founders were eliminated.
You're missing my point. The Dominion hadn't established that relationship yet. I can believe that the Founders might outsource the drug to someone else, but it's also possible that they were willing to let the Son'a do so only because their supply line to the Gamma Quadrant was cut off by the Prophets. That wouldn't have been an issue while still in the Gamma Quadrant.

No, sir. I believe you are. It simply demonstrates behavior in regards to their super drug to control their slave warrior race. Yes we're discussing an alternate scenario, but that doesn't mean behavior patterns in regards to control of that substance aren't relevant information. If they're willing to trust the Son'a with something that important, I imagine they'd trust the Vorta or someone else with it in the Gamma Quadrant.
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