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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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People just get their hopes up and want to believe this is happening.
Right. I disbelieve rumors as a rule, but I really, really wished this could be true somehow and I feel disappointed to hear that it's probably untrue, even though that's what I assumed all along.
This describes me exactly. Although now with Ian Levine and his 3 tons of evidence statement, who knows! Holy cow this has been a wild ride.

It's still hard to believe . . . yet disappointing if not true.

Mr Awe
Now see, the Rumor reporting was clearly labeled "Rumor". Levine has now pasted "I have evidence" on top of the original Rumor. Now that is worthy of backlash if not true (at least he must have some proof that would give him this confidence, if it turns out the rumor is not true)
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