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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I hadn't thought much of casting. Certainly, elevating the character to main protagonist would make demands of the actress not made of other actresses who have played Lois. Any ideas of who would be a good candidate for the role?
It's hard to say. Unfortunately, Dana Delany is almost 60. She still looks amazing and not a day over 40, but I think any chance of her playing Lois has passed, sadly.
Speaking of actresses for whom it is too late, the STM DVD extras include screen tests of Margot Kidder and other actresses auditioning for the part. I loved what Stockard Channing brought to it. It would have been interesting to see those films with her instead of Kidder. Apparently Donner felt that she came across as too tough and smart to be an effective damsel in distress.
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