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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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@ blssdwlf

Technically speaking there are more people on this planet that experienced TOS on a 4:3 TV tube set with trimming overscan than those that experienced the Blu-ray discs on a 1:1 pixel mapping flat screen - which is neither what the directors intended or foresaw (great, first TNG and now I'm having this kind of discussion for TOS).
That's interesting but it doesn't change the issue of the ceiling areas being visible even with the safe action area removed/covered over. All the sample pictures I referenced were picked because the safe action area doesn't hide the issue. If the directors really intended to obfuscate the ceiling areas they would've aimed their cameras *down* to avoid showing what's above them.

Second, you're also assuming that Thermians had television screens with an overscan problem which this Thermian would assure you he doesn't

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As for the briefing room set, the walls extend beyond the upper beam which apparently was a guidance for the director to know how to compose for his safe area. "In-Universe" this empty space above the support beams serves no meaningful purpose.
In your opinion. For all we know those support beams are meaningful but not in a way you imagined it to be.

Keep in mind I'm not suggesting you take a Thermian approach because its pretty obvious that isn't compatible with your methodology (and that's fine since it is your project). But, since you are emphasizing screen accuracy and requesting feedback and these visual issues can't be hidden away with the overscan technicality then they do become legitimate questions, IMHO.

If these cabins are meant to be on the outer slope you're going to be able to see the ceiling inside Kirk's quarters in "JTB" unless they are further in or away from the skin so there is more height allocated to that deck than 7'.

@Mytran - Yep, that's my "level" reasoning And I put letter decks in the primary hull. So numbered "decks" can apply to the whole ship while "levels" to engineering hull and "letters" go the primary hull. I haven't found any counter dialogue yet so that's my thinking for now.
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