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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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Not sure what to make of that either. He makes it sound like he independently discovered proof that these episodes exist. How on earth would he be able to do that?
Look at this one: "Right now I'm holding on to the proof + not leaking it publicly. But I assure you I have proof of 3 tons of film cans arriving"

He may have shipping manifests, inventory logs, that sort of thing, that shows that the BBC took possession of 3 tons of film cannisters in 2011. In short, documentation that the cannisters physically exist. No, that doesn't tell him what's in them, unless he's been given other details.
So, using this to bring it back down to Earth (If it actually is true), maybe there are 90 episodes total of a category that includes Doctor Who, and the rumor starter knows there's at least one Evil of the Daleks episode, and someone cried out something like, "Damn, with a haul like this, it could contain the Complete Hartnell era"

*Yea, I know 90 episodes would be far less than 3 tons, that's why I linked the 90 to a category, rather than a complete total*
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