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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I hadn't thought much of casting. Certainly, elevating the character to main protagonist would make demands of the actress not made of other actresses who have played Lois. Any ideas of who would be a good candidate for the role?
It's hard to say. Unfortunately, Dana Delany is almost 60. She still looks amazing and not a day over 40, but I think any chance of her playing Lois has passed, sadly.

Otherwise, Adams certainly has the chops, but it's more a matter of fit. And that's hard to judge without a frame of reference. Also, the chemistry would have to be better. Her and Cavil's chemistry wasn't that great. It wasn't terrible by any means, but in that type of environment, it would have to be much better. Nothing kills a romantic movie faster than a lack of chemistry between leads.

Cain and Hatcher's chemistry was so good that there were types you'd think they'd just run off for a snog between takes.

And say what you will about Smallville, but Welling and Durance also had amazing chemistry. Their relationship was the one thing the show can say it did really well, and was holding things together those last few meandering seasons.

All that said, it's only fair to point out Cavil and Adams didn't really have much romantic screen-time together. For all we know, MoS2 could focus primarily on their relationship and their chemistry my turn out to be great.
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