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Re: Vintage FX: Star Trek vs Lost in Space

Just want to first say awesome discussion of classic techniques for VFX. I've been enjoying reading along.

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^He was just saying the garbage mattes in 2010 were really obvious. And as I said, garbage mattes are a lot more evident in TV/video transfers than they would've been in the original films as shown in theaters. In the format the effects were made for, they would've looked fine. It was just when they were converted for the small screen that the contrast on the garbage mattes was amplified enough to become noticeable.
With a more information limited (composite) SD format like VHS there is certainly truth to this. Moving to higher quality formats like DVD or, even better, a Blu-ray disc should help quite a bit. Assuming of course the film transfer was done properly.

I think perhaps the bigger issue that reveals garbage mattes, which you alluded to, is that most home TVs are set totally incorrectly if you go by official cinema (and it's close cousin of home theater) standards.

Most TVs are set to terribly inaccurate and inappropriate levels of color temperature, brightness, contrast, gamma curve, etc. Incorrect brightness and contrast settings would easily overexpose the garbage mattes which would otherwise be relatively hidden.

When set more appropriately, using a setup disc, or even better, calibrated by a pro home theater calibrator, the garbage mattes will be much less obvious like it was in the movie theater.
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