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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
If what Ian's reporting is correct, there's three tons of film cannisters that need to be gone through, sorted, catalogued, etc. If the BBC found this in late 2011, which is when the rumors about this find started, maybe they weren't deliberately withholding this for the anniversary, maybe it's just going to take them that long to sort out the legalities and wrap their heads around everything they now have.
Levine specifically said he believes 90 episodes have been found. That to me doesn't sound like an uncatalogued crate of films...

Emh wrote: View Post
One more Tweet from Ian Levine:

"Final word for tonight. If someone confided in me I would never be discussing this. But they lied + I found the proof so under no obligation."

Not sure what to make of that either. He makes it sound like he independently discovered proof that these episodes exist. How on earth would he be able to do that?
He probably smashed through a wall and saw the films lying there.

It would make for nice symmetry if true; Ian found The Daleks 25 years ago this year; the BBC F&VT Library was set up 25 years ago this year. 50th anniversary this year.

Fingers crossed but we've been shot down before...
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