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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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One thing of note is that people are claiming that Paul Vanezis, a member of the Restoration Team, stated the following in a thread (although I'm not sure in what forum of what board, but I don't think it's at GallifreyBase):

"And let this be the final, sensible remark on the matter. The only way this will be resolved is if the BBC decide to make a statement. They won't be doing that here, so if anyone wants to speculate about this ridiculous situation, you can do it elsewhere."

Naturally, most people at GallifreyBase are taking note that he doesn't outright deny the rumors.
Hard to tell; Paul is the faceman for missing episode finds, he and Steve Roberts are always at the front of the search.

There are two possibilities:

- Paul is sick of this rumour and it's taking its toll; he does always jump on and deny rumours so this time he's decided he won't 'stoop to this level'.

- There is a discovery. The pieces aren't quite in place yet so he can't comment either way.

Look to the BBC. That's all we can do now, and wait.
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