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I feel sorry for Pon Farr Tuvok. Every other Pon Farr Vulcan is just some stereotype of fanboy lust but Tuvok was actually separated from his wife, a REAL PERSON.
Yes, really. As I remember, the holodeck cut out on him when he was about to get his vulcan mojo on with his "holo-wife" as well. I am like 8 episodes away from the Pon Farr Tuvok episode in my re-watch of VOY (I think). But, as I remember, he had a tough time of it.
Additional thought: The doctor ought to have put in the holo-program a "fight to the death" vulcan adversary for Tuvok too, so he would have got the full "Pon Farr experience."
Long live Tuvix!
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