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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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So the idea isn't unprecedented. The question stands: would such a film have been a good vehicle for the reboot?
It's an excellent premise of a TV series, but I don't know how it would sell as a feature. Plus it's totally dependent on who they cast as Lois. I still think Hatcher is the best Lois to date, and I think whoever would be cast in such a film would have to be even better.
I hadn't thought much of casting. Certainly, elevating the character to main protagonist would make demands of the actress not made of other actresses who have played Lois. Any ideas of who would be a good candidate for the role?

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I'm open to seeing a Superman film done in a different style and genre, but not as a chick flick romantic comedy.
I wasn't thinking romcom. A romance, yes, but taken seriously.

And the conventional superheroics and big action sequences would still be there, but in the service of a more down-to-earth anthropocentric story.
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