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Re: Early review of The Tenth Planet 4 animation (with screengrabs)

Thanks Emh and diankra.

I haven't watched the David Tennant era since, the David Tennant era (And Eccelston era, too). I only got and listened to Spare Parts in the last year or two. I recently rewatched Pertwee through McCoy (After having watched Troughton, mostly for the first time, including recons for the Incomplete stories), so McGann through Current will likely be on my rewatch list sometime in the next 6 months (As well as the Hartnell rewatch, including the Recons, which I haven't seen) , so, I'll have to watch for the similarities when I get to Rise.../Age... (And also give Spare Parts a second listen through).

So, The Silver Turk, eh? Runs off to Wiki The Silver Turk. (And to check Big Finish for price)

ETA: Ah, an Eight/Mary Shelley adventure. Bummer it's so new, the downloads for 2004 releases and earlier are under $10. Still, $12.99 isn't bad. <Scribbles The Silver Turk down on my wishlist>
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