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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

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I like the TAS music.
I love it, and most of the rest of Ray Ellis and Norm Prescott's scores for Filmation shows. I dearly wish the audio masters had survived and we could get soundtrack albums.

That said, I will agree that TAS's music could get a little repetitive.

I might be curious to see test scenes of what TAS looks like rendered in modern CGI, but.... I really don't see it working out well. There so many ways it could look worse, and only a narrow path to it coming out better, at best.
CGI only looks good if there's enough time and money behind it, so it rarely looks that good on television. CG-animated TV shows tend to have a certain sameness about them a lot of the time.

The only way I'd find anything worthwhile about a TAS reanimation is if it captured the visual style and design sensibilities of TAS itself -- in 2D, of course -- but with more fluid movement and less repetition of shots/poses. Not so much repudiating Filmation's style as trying to capture what their artists could've achieved if they'd had a feature budget and schedule, like the gorgeous work they did in their '79 Flash Gordon movie. Filmation's shows may not have had much motion, but their artwork was always good.

The errors document the effort and labor involved. Fixing them would actually produce a poorer version, because the errors add more in terms of authenticity than they detract. Seeing the errors reminds me that real people with real issues made this.
That's a good attitude. Imperfections are part of the process of creation, and they remind us of the creator's hand and the context in which it was created. I can see how that could be a distraction to some, but it's part of the whole work.
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