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Re: Did Ron Moore get the Klingons / Romulans the wrong way round in T

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I am going to disagree somewhat with this. The Klingons of Star Trek III are still not Samurai-Biker-Vikings with no brains and an endless need to stop everything to settle honour debts. They are ruthless and vicious, but not idiots... for the most part.
I don't know. Boarding the Enterprise not even remotely suspicious of a trap?

CelticViking wrote:
In Star Trek V we see the TNG Klingon taint in full force... I mean the half naked bare chested Klingon BOP commander, his female body builder officer... etc... Then, thankfully, but Star Trek VI we are back to TOS Klingons, those wonderfully sinister bastards.
And I never understood that. Shatner should've known better.

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