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Re: Early review of The Tenth Planet 4 animation (with screengrabs)

I hope they release it separately from the regenerations box set eventually. I already have most of them on there.

Yeah Emh, in some ways the 10th cybermen look like bloody morons with lanterns on their heads, but I like to think of them as looking horrific.

In fact a story I'd make if I were the head of the show is their origin, and I'd return the cloth faced cybs. I'd have some near human like cybermen unconverted who are against it all whom the doctor sides with, and then some still emotional cybermen. Their design would basically be a less advanced version of tenth planet's, maybe have some blood on their cloth faces left over from conversions and things like bronze wires sticking out, green hands, all sorts. Would make they cybermen scary again, something which I feel nightmare in silver failed to do. They're not scary, they're just powerful. Even the RTD cybermen were more scary, at least they were physically imposing.
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