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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

I like the TAS music.

I might be curious to see test scenes of what TAS looks like rendered in modern CGI, but.... I really don't see it working out well. There so many ways it could look worse, and only a narrow path to it coming out better, at best.

But hey, if it tickles someone's fancy, give it a try. Just don't be surprised if it becomes a thankless task of too much work and too little pay-off, that moreover no one really likes.

I'd expect it would take a professional team of Clone Wars caliber to even have a shot at getting it right. But with no market for it, a professional house having a go at it seems super unlikely.

Having mulled it over, honestly I don't even think a version in the current style with all the errors fixed is worth doing. If I ever thought so, I've now reversed myself. The errors document the effort and labor involved. Fixing them would actually produce a poorer version, because the errors add more in terms of authenticity than they detract. Seeing the errors reminds me that real people with real issues made this.
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