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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Nintendo has said in the past that they won't do that, that they'd just drop out of the home console business altogether instead. (They'd still have their strong handheld business to sustain them.)
That's an odd stance for them to take. I can understand why they want to stay in the home console business, but if things got bad enough that they left it I don't see why they'd turn down the opportunity to still make the games. There'd still be an audience for Mario games. I've never been a much of a Nintendo fan (I was a Sega kid) so I'm not willing to buy a Wii U for a handful of Nintendo exclusives, but if their games were on Xbox/Playstarion I'd be temped to pick them up.
It is the stance of a company at no risk of having to follow it. Nintendo is fine even if the Wii U is a complete bust. At this point they can study the XBO and PS4, figure out their next course and put something out ahead of the next generation with several years to spare.

The mobile market is where they're strongest though, and they should probably focus on it lest phones and tablets draw away too many of their more casual customers. A 'Game Boy Phone' (4-5" slider phone version of the DS perhaps) is probably the best way to do this.
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