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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

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Most all modern-origin fandoms talk about canon in the same way as the old guard fandoms, but I've rarely seen anyone worry about something being canon or not the way people do for Trek.
I've seen the discourse between fans of other fictional universes that have been very much along the lines of what Star Trek fans talk about.

I've come across so many fans on this forum and the Star Wars forums taking pride in either of these fictional universes managing to have "One definitive reality" and watched subsequent despair at the coming of a Canon Doomsday Machine in the shape of J.J. Abrams.

Doctor Who fans have been given perfect justification for accepting all the books and audio stories that were produced between the old and the new show as being relevant with an explanation that a Time War may have done funny things with the main character's personal timeline. Despite such generosity on the part of one of the TV show's producers, there are still fans who bend over backwards needlessly to diminish or change the perception how much the novels and audios should be considered to count. One author suggested that such practices as derisively calling these works "Fan Fiction" is a form of censorship-bullying.

I personally am okay with fans considering supplimentary works of fiction however they want to, and even arguing it good-naturedly. I don't care much for elitistism that dismisses things out of hand. I myself have loved DW, ST and SW novels, and been fine with the TV stories and movies that have subsequently overwritten them. I experienced them both, so they both matter to me, despite being contradictory. It's no different to me than the existence of alternative re-telling the stories of Robin Hood, King Arthur, or Superman.

I was going to give the ST ongoing a try, but it's early issues were too close to the original episodes. What really puts me off is a contradiction between different medium: the ST Ongoing comic doesn't match up with things like Kirk saying he hasn't lost anyone, but these are not justification for dropping the comic, whereas details like these are part of the justification for scrapping the publication of the original novels that were written for the J.J. Abrams continuity? Lame. I would like to read those books, which seem more interesting than the comic.
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