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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

Idran wrote: View Post
Describing what "really" happened in a given person's mental construction of the universe.
When you put it that way, it makes the obsession over continuity seem even more silly. When you end up wasting neurons trying to keep track of the "real" fiction vs. the "fake" fiction, it's probably time to find a new hobby. Contrary to what Trek fans want to believe, both canon and non-canon Trek stories are equally fiction. There are no separate levels of fake-ness. Neither is more real than the other.
Greg Cox wrote: View Post
This doesn't seem to be such a big deal on the mainstream side of things. Nobody has ever asked me if my CSI or ALIAS books are canon!
And if you happened to mention to them they're non-canon, they probably wouldn't even know what you were talking about.
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