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Re: How about a captain Pike(bruce Greenwood) series?

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For me if they are going to do new series in 2016. I like idea having Pike. Pike had large profile in ST09 & STID. New fans from NuTrek would relate to him. However as for Greenwood as Pike. I dont like it. Both he is just too old and i am not sure if he want the part. Better use younger version. I have idea for premiere episode that i want share.

We go back to aftermath of the Narada attack on USS Kelvin. First Federation ship to respond to USS Kelvin SOS call was USS Phoenix commanding by young Captain Pike.
USS Phoenix arrives and quickly rescues USS Kelvin survivors(Pike personally sees Kirk Mom and newly born Kirk.) and approaches the Narada. Narada has been damaged by USS Kelvin explosion. Narada weapons are off-line. Captain Pike captures the moment and engages the Narada. USS Phoenix disable Narada impulse engine and warp capability and Captain Pike is in brink of victory when sensors pick up three Klingon warship declocking. They order the USS Phoenix halt their attack and retreat to Federation Space. Captain Pike has no choice. He is facing his own
Kobayashi Maru. He order the retreat and leave the Narada and their crew at the mercy of the Klingons.

Well you guys what u think?
"For my dissertation, I was assigned the U.S.S. Kelvin. Something I admired about your dad... he didn't believe in no-win scenarios." - Captain Pike, Star Trek(2009)

Pike was still in the academy when the Kelvin was destroyed. He couldn't be commanding the ship that rescued the survivors.
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