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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

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On the topic of the use of "canon" as synonymous with "continuity" in fandom circles: To be fair, if a large subculture of people use a word with a given new definition in such a way that the intended meaning communicated by that word is understood by everyone within that subculture, then hasn't the definition of that word simply shifted as a subculture-specific jargon term, diverging from the original term as language always does? Couldn't it be that fandom isn't using the word "canon" wrong per se, but is simply using it as a jargon term within their subculture as a derivation of its original meaning outside fandom?
Sort of how Trek fans habitually misuse the word "remaster," which has to do with preserving an original work, not the adding of new content (the exact opposite of what the word means).
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