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Re: Vengeance Weapons (Spoilers, maybe)

The movie itself leaves open the question of whether the Narada was "armed" at all, with any sort of weaponry.

Nero destroyed planets with a drill that obviously wasn't intended to be a weapon of war as such, as well as with red matter sponsored by planet Vulcan. The devices Nero used to varying degrees of success against Starfleet ships and shuttlecraft may or may not have been weapons, considering how well Nero did with a definite non-weapon! It's just a variant of the Wild West trope where mining equipment (dynamite, gelignite) is used in a weapon-like manner - surely a rude surprise to any opponent more than a century behind the times...

The comic suggested that after Romulus was lost, Nero gained access to high technology because his ship was the one remaining agent of vengeance that the Star Empire could deploy against its enemies (which in itself is pretty unlikely!). For this, Nero needed to sail to a secret stash run by Romulan spooks and wait for days for the tech to be installed, whereas in the movie Spock did not loiter long enough to allow Nero to take such a detour.

In contrast to this, ST:ID seems to be very explicit about Marcus/Khan possessing state-of-the-art 23rd century armaments. The extent to which these have been influenced by information from Spock Prime is unclear, but we do learn Spock has been spilling his guts on various threat issues, among these the existence and coordinates of the Botany Bay... He might also have seen fit to give Starfleet a means of fighting, oh, say, the Doomsday Machine or the Space Amoeba without having to sacrifice an entire starship to those first.

Timo Saloniemi
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