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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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@Mytran - Since they've used "level" with engineering decks before in other dialogue could Sulu's antics be in the engineering hull 2 levels below the neck?
Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
As for the "Level 2" subject, I remarked at another BBS thread longer ago, that the outer rim of Deck 7 is so detached from the actual inner Deck 7 that it rather appears to be a lower level of the outer rim of Deck 6, hence "Level 2" in ship's personnel lingo, IMHO.
These are both good theories! I do wonder though:

: You're right of course about the use of "levels" with reference to the Engineering sections. We know that "Deck 12" and "Deck 14" are in common use during Season 1, so are you suggesting that these might also double up as (for example) Engineering Levels 2 and 4? Having a different nomenclature to refer to the same areas of the ship does seem overly complicated, although this is the TOS Enterprise we're talking about after all!

Robert_Comsol: Matches the dialogue well, and I like the thought. However, (curvature of the set aside) beyond the standard curved corridor there's 32 feet of straight corridor which ends at a turbolift which also needs accomodating. Is there really 48 feet of space on the "lower level" of the outer saucer?
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