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Re: The problem with introducing my kids to Star Trek

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One of the problems of introducing my kids to Star Trek is now I'm getting questions that I can't answer - especially from my 10 year old son. Here are today's questions, if any one can help:

(1) What is "bigger" - the Klingon or Romulan empire?

(2) How many planets/worlds make up the two empires?

(3) Did the Federation have a war with the Romulans before the Klingons?

(4) What happened to the Organian (spelling?) peace treaty?

1) Klkingon. The Romulans, though militant, are pretty isolationist rather than expansionist.


3)The Federation didn't exist at the time of the Earth-Romulan War. It was the Human-Vulcan-Andorian-Telerite Alliance that came about during that conflict which eventually inspired the Federation.

The Federation never went to war with the Klingons. What they had was a cold war with a number of proxy conflicts, but it never descended into war between the two sides.

4)The Kittomer Accords happened after Praxis exploded. The Organian-enforced treaty became irrelevant as the Federation and the Klingon empire became allies.

That's the whole plot of The Undiscovered Country.
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