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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Main Deck 6 (130616) – FINAL DRAFT

This one took longer than anticipated and I’ll try to bring some structure into this text comment by dividing it into sections.

Life Support Facilities on Deck 6:

Technically, the only clue ever provided for the location of “life support” was in “Day of the Dove” when the Klingons, unable to disrupt life support from engineering (…) where looking for the actual physical location which happened to be “Number Six Deck” (Be Seeing You?).
Of course, this may have just been the Jefferies Tube where Sulu tried to re-establish life support systems, but also “in-universe” I believe Deck 6 to be a reasonable candidate: Deck 6 is the widest of all decks with rooms in the outer rim; and the shortest way to transport oxygen and heat there would be from a location on Deck 6 (in comparison the vertical routes to transport oxygen and heat to the Bridge or the Phaser Control Room are significantly shorter).

Another hint, though admittedly on the odd side, is the location of “life support” on the upper level of the engine rooms, as suggested by “The Changeling” and “The Tholian Web”.
Assuming the interior layout of the Enterprise is essentially identical to that of the Defiant, it would be odd that “life support” aboard the Defiant happens to be the location, where’d we expect to find the Emergency Manual Monitor aboard the Enterprise. Kirk specifically ordered Chekov to check out “life support” and “engineering”, not to check out “life support” while in engineering nor to check out (correctly) the “Emergency Manual Monitor (EMM)” in engineering.

I’ve interpreted this that Chekov had been in two separate locations, first in life support on the upper level of the Engineering Control Room on the saucer’s port side (where I also suspect the often mentioned “AG Section” for the saucer to be), next in the warp drive engine room of the Defiant in the engineering hull.

Theoretically, they could have redressed the Auxiliary Control Room (ACR) as Life Support Control (LSC) for this episode again, but I believe the EMM set provided a better camera angle to capture Chekov and two dead bodies in one static shot.

We saw a portion of “Life Support Control” in “By Any Other Name” which was a redress of ACR where the noticeably different alignment of the master control table was obviously meant to tell us that this is a different location (since the Kelvans apparently had studied the layout of the Enterprise and relied on the continued assistance of the senior officers I presume “Life Support Control” to be the correct in-universe term - in contrast to the “Deck 22” remark by the blue alien in “In A Mirror, Darkly”).
Looking at the finished draft of Deck 6, now, another (more?) suitable location could be close to the LS & AG section where there is (still) a cabin on the draft. Opinions are much, much welcome!

Although I no longer believe ACR to be at the center of Main Deck 8 (but E-Deck 8 instead) I obviously couldn’t let go of the idea that LSC should be at the protected center of Deck 6.
Like before the (former) Briefing Lounge on Deck 4 and the Officers Lounge on Deck 5 I believe these areas to serve as shelters and/or panic rooms in case of an emergency.
Life Support Control should be in the innermost protected part of the ship from which – in my draft – it is separated by an airlock which contains EVA space suit lockers.
Theoretically an environmental engineer could put a space suit on to fix life support damage in another area of the ship without exposing his colleagues remaining in LSC to decompression. A tri-ladder connects to the Officers and Briefing Lounge above and presumably below to the Core on Decks 7 and 8 (according to The Making of Star Trek).

So when it came to accommodate “Environmental Engineering” featured in “Wink of An Eye” there was little doubt that it’s on this deck, too, add to this I was enabled to make sense of the otherwise stupid gap between the cabin and the redressed briefing room set at 3 o’clock as I put the stairway there Lokai and Bele must have used to descend to reach Transporter Room 4.
The gap is really stupid, because the production extended the interior volume of the EE room towards the cabin set, thus there should have never been a corridor (especially in Season Three!) unless it was for some important reason.

In another thread Maurice lamented about the repetitive use of the briefing room set and I would agree, if all rooms were meant to represent the same size.
However, we never saw how far this EE room extended (let’s use our imagination!), so I made sure to give it more space one might expect such a crucial facility aboard the ship to have (consequently I also expanded the Crew Lounge at 7 o’clock to be capable to detain and feed 40 Klingons…).

Turbo Lift Distribution on Deck 6:

Obviously, the widest deck on the ship is the perfect location to place a horizontal turbo shaft network as this one can connect to vertical shafts to reach all saucer locations without unnecessary detours and waste of previous space.

For the same reason I believe it to have an essential Y-shape and mostly the ends of the corridors connect straight to a turbo lift above or below the main shaft.

Of course, there is an inevitable price to pay, because these horizontal turbo shafts displace the sickbay bedroom sections and therefore it is only possible to accommodate those medical rooms, where the bedroom wasn’t visible in background shots enabling us to assume it’s a storage space instead for medical supplies, stretcher trolleys or replacement sickbay beds (after a patient has died I assume the sickbay bed gets a cover and is thus converted into a coffin).

Thus it was rather easy to identify the location of the medical ward Dr. van Gelder was taken care of in “The Dagger of the Mind” (in my world Ward 3) and where “Lesterkirk” underwent examination in “Turnabout Intruder”.

To assume that the medical ward at 4 o’clock (“?”) is the one from “By Any Other Name” which had no bed under the medical monitor,and had been obviously designed to receive emergencies brought in on stretcher trolleys, would require not to take the wall with the shelf “too seriously”. I’m not sure I can live with that and probably rather relocate events in this episode to a different ward (especially since exam tables can be moved!).

Of course, the starboard turbo shaft also illustrates a problem that comes along with the (longer) Season Two/Three studio set, because it displaces more than it should in a perfect world (were it not for the two decks tall Recreation Room 3 in “Mark of Gideon” I’d think I’m doing Matt Jefferies a disservice if he intended the Season Two/Three corridor to be mostly used as an “outer” corridor).

Since it really screws up the otherwise perfect symmetry as illustrated on the previous Deck 5 draft, the only good explanation, IMHO, has to be “form follows function” and I presume what we see here is the result of an internal addition following the “pilot” Enterprises of Pike and Kirk. Boosting the crew complement from 203 to 430 may have required additional oxygen supplies and/or the removal of the deflector “spikes” at the front of the warp nacelles required the installation of a saucer hull deflector shield generator which is the uncommented area with the three circles between 5 and 6 o’clock.

The starboard turbo shaft also consumes space of the Lokai/Bele transporter room and though it’s a very close call, I believe it to be still an acceptable one.

On the other hand, the port side turbo shaft has rather interesting consequences. Apparently at 1 o’clock, this is an A-frame corridor connecting to the inner and circular one (but not the Jefferies Tube engineering corridor type we’d expect to see at this part of the studio set!), suggesting yet another “turbo lift lobby” (just like the two seen in “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”) or a stairway coming down from Deck 5. Since the security crewmen enter through the A-frame coming from the left, there must be at least some stairs coming up from Deck 7 below and therefore it would be wrong to align this corridor cheek-to-cheek with the turbo shaft.

Medical Wards on Deck 6:

I’ve already mentioned why I put certain facilities there but also added the “exotic” ones because there is neither space on Deck 5 above or Deck 7 below for these. In “Operation Annihilate!” (Season One) we saw the first prototype of the yet to come standard laboratory, but this (radiology) lab was rather large (as you can see in my “in-universe” reconstruction attempt).

The biochemistry laboratory from “The Deadly Years” was closer to the final version but still carried some interesting detail variations which merited it a place of its own IMHO and at 11 o’clock.

With 14 labs of the medical and life sciences departments (according to Kirk in “Operation Annihilate!”) aboard the ship I hopefully got at least two pinned down.

The most interesting “unknown” medical room, was the “astro-medicine isolation ward”. In “Turnabout Intruder” it was just a door sign (6 o’clock) behind Kirk, but what did it look like?

I believe the Animated Series (TAS) provided the illustration by featuring a bedroom with several beds close together and according to “The Lorelei Signal” there…are…four…beds.
So this one is definitely for publiusr who probably started wondering when I was finally going to accommodate some new rooms from TAS.

Transporter Rooms on Deck 6:

I think this one caused me the most headaches trying to illustrate this deck.

Since the transporter room is essentially a rectangular room, I had intended to place it in nice and neat 90° angles towards the central axis (at least that works on the port side).

For the one from “Day of the Dove” (much alike the Marvick turbo lift situation we just discussed recently) I had wanted to put it mirrored to the port side, but then, there should have been horizontal lights at the very beginning of the ride (according to episodes like “Amok Time”, “Wolf in the Fold” and several others), first.

To have come that far, having covered all turbo lift lights in the series (at least that’s what I’d like to believe) and then refrain to rationalization “overdrive” was a no-go for me, so I abandoned my pet theory (not the first in this project) and went with the obvious suggestion, that the “Day of the Dove” turbo lift is next to a vertical shaft (there goes the never seen, never visualized Bridge turbo shaft…) that transits into the diagonal main shaft and thus explains a nonstop “vertical” ride to the Bridge.

The only candidates to accommodate this transporter room were Decks 5, 6 or 7 (Decks 4, 8 and 9 are too small in diameter to accommodate the room). Deck 5 had been taken by Spock’s turbo lift in “Amok Time”, and Deck 7 should be occupied by the starboard impulse engine room (suggested by TAS), thus Deck 6 remained the only available candidate.

As for the numbering of transporter rooms (there are at least three according to TAS) I let the cabin numbering “do the job” in a manner of speaking.

I don’t know yet if “5R” near 6 o’clock could seriously qualify as a section on the wide Deck 6 (that would require the existence of sections A thru R!).
But as the nearest evacuation transporter room (5 or 5 “rear”) it apparently would make better sense, just as 3 (or 3 “forward”/”center”) does for the port side transporter.

Now, which one could / should this transporter on the port side be (the others may not have neat 90° angled positions but at least the distance between those three is even)?

I guess the best inspiration came from “Space Seed” where Kirk had just used a turbo lift to get to Briefing Room 2.

There is no red door on the inner corridor “transporter set walls” (rather unusual for this part of the studio set during Season One!) and his next move to get to the Engineering Control Room (ECR) takes him to the A-frame corridor from where he apparently ran to the left / stern corridor leading down to Deck 7 (either via the tri-ladder at 10 o’clock he also used at the beginning of “Amok Time” or – faster – a stairway in the corridor (not illustrated in the draft) to arrive in the corridor on Deck 7 where Scotty had worked in a Jefferies Tube in “The Naked Time”).
I tried several other attempts to get him through the A-frame corridor to ECR but this was the fastest one to do the job.

When Captain Christopher ("Tomorrow Is Yesterday") tried to escape from the ship he passed “Briefing Room 2”, knocked down a security crewman and went to the transporter room opposite Briefing Room 2, thus that’s the one we’re seeing at 12 o’clock.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say about these transporter rooms at the moment, because unlike the TOS sickbay footage I hadn’t compiled a screencap archive of transporter room footage, yet (which episode takes place in which transporter room?).

We do have one where the briefing room set was “Computer Statistics” (“This Side of Paradise”), which obviously can’t be any of the three illustrated (unless CS was later displaced by EE or CL).

We do have one where the door opposite the transporter room belonged to “Electrographic Analysis” (“Elaan of Troyius”) which also can’t be either of these (unless EA was displaced by EE or CL).

To make matters worse, we do have the peek inside the room opposite a transporter room in “Wink of An Eye” which is, of course, production-wise the part of EE we didn’t see first but within the context of the story simply cannot be opposite Transporter Room 4.

This room with the GNDN pipes either belongs to a different, additional transporter room or had become part of the Crew Lounge before or after events in “Day of the Dove”.

While I really don't like the “reconstruction rationalization” I’d like to believe that Transporter Room 4 had been featured in “Elaan of Troyius”. Our protagonists had a vertical/diagonal ride for one third of the route and a horizontal ride for the remaining two thirds.Thus they either arrived at TR 4 or another one “south” of 6 o’clock and outside the space of my draft sheet.

Okay, that has to be it. Feel free to ask questions and/or weigh in with your comments.
Hope you enjoyed the ride! Stay tuned for Deck 7 after a break…

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