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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ariel Shaw. Starfleet lawyer and Kirk-babe.
B is for Bellatrix.
C is for Cytherians. Big floating heads. Or are they?
D is for Dar. Caithlin Dar. Romulan representative to Nimbus III in the year 2287 and a possible Romulan-human hybrid.
E is for Empathic Metamorph.
F is for Ferengi lobes. Big. Very sensitive to touch. Used for things better left unsaid.
G is for Garak. Best tailor/spy/BS-artist you could ever hope to find.
H is for Heliopolis City on planet Alpha Eridani II, location in 2156 of serial killings of women that remained unsolved until 2267.
I is for Inertial dampers.
J is for Jenolen. It spent 75 years crashed onto the surface of a gigantic Dyson Sphere with the famed Captain Montgomery Scott suspended in the vessel's jerry-rigged transporter buffer.
K is for Klingon bastards.
L is for linguist. Uhura was a extremely good one. Spock would almost say a "cunning" one. Both logical and fascinating.
M is for Meribor of the planet Kataan.
N is for Naughty aliens.
O is for Oberth-class science starships, in common use during both the 23rd and 24th centuries of the Prime timeline.
P is for Palomas. The lovely Lt. Palomas. Wearer of the most memorable dress in Star Trek history. What there was of it.
Q is for Quadrotriticale, the only Earth grain that would grow on Sherman's Planet.
R is for the Riker Manuever. Not quite as elegant as the Picard Manuever.
S is for Star Maps. No Federation starship was complete without a database full of them.
T is for T'Pol's derriere.
U is for Upsilon Andromedae, location of a major battle of the Earth-Romulan War of the mid-22nd century.
V is for Vulcan which Spock is half of. His other half is human.
W is for Womulus. Homeworld of the Womulan Empire.
X is for Xon. What happened to him justified McCoy's fear of transporters.
Y is for Yonada the asteroid looking ship/planet.
Z is for Zorn, the Groppler and civic leader of the Bandi people of planet Deneb IV in the year 2364.
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