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Re: TNG Caption This! 317: Did you see that?

Geordie: As you can see here, Captain, we've managed to- Hmm, that's funny...
Picard: What is it Mr La Forge?
Geordie: Well when I updated the system this morning everything was working perfectly. But now-
Computer: Warning! Warp core breach in 12 minutes

Deanna: Beverly? What are you- AAAHHHRGH!!!
Beverly: That's for not stopping Jean-Luc take an away team to Minos!!

Picard: Hello and welcome back to Are You Smarter Than Data? And we are down to our final question. This will be a buzzer round so fingers on consoles. So... The final question... What was the name... Of the First Officer on the Enterprise A?
*both buzzers go off, Vash's slightly faster*
Picard: Vash?
Vash: Spock!
Picard: That is correct! Well done, Vash, you have won Are You Smarter Than Data!! Now, Q, as you've lost, it's time to look into Camera B and say 'I am Q and I am not sma-
Q: Err.. Jean-Luc? I think you're forgetting something
Picard: Err... What?
Q: Who's the omnipotent god-like being who can read your thoughts and make anything happen on a whim?
Picard:... Vash it's time to look into Camera B...

Geordie: Here, Captain. I stayed up all night working on this new design
Picard: Oh, err... Thanks Geordie
Geordie: Well? What do you think??
Picard: Oh, erm, well.. That's clearly... That's clearly a thing isn't it?! I mean, err.. Wow.. That's... Yeah I've got to go

Picard: Worf, you have to go and meet Lwaxana Troi in transporter room 3. She'll be staying on the Enterprise for a few days on the way to a conference and... Worf?
Science crew: Everyone, take cover! He's gonna blow!
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