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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Superman/Clark is a script puppet in the killing scene, which is General Zod's suicide by cop.
I rated the movie A-, but when I see moronic twaddle like this I get the urge to rate it F, just to twit the fanboys.

I pretend I'm General Zod. I am furious at Kal-El and want to kill him. So he doesn't just run away and for the fun of pissing him off too, I threaten to kill humans. We fight. Somehow this renegade civilian gets me down in a chokehold. As a military man, I know he could quickly break my neck. I'm using my heat vision to threaten the lives of some, straining desperately to turn my neck just far enough to vaporize them. (I don't know why I can't turn my eyes, but this is probably more than compensated by the fact I apparently do not need to breathe on Earth.)

What do I do? I'm a grade a prick, so I turn off the fireworks and untense my neck and pretend to be beaten, just to treacherously turn on my opponent again, at the first convenient moment.

No, wait, that doesn't fit what's on screen at all. I'd have to be a simpleton to believe that Zod is really trying to kill Superman and run amok at this point.

I have it! I'm General Zod and I've been beaten and my way isn't happening. That renegade civilian has me down in a chokehold. But if I keep threatening to kill the people he wants to save, he'll have no choice but to put me out of my misery.

In other words, suicide by cop, except for the trivial detail that Superman isn't literally a cop.
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I definitely got the impression Zod was doing that so Superman would kill him. Either he'd given up (unlikely) or wanted to teach Superman some lesson.

I enjoyed the movie, but the destruction at the end was so awesome so as to be almost cartoony. How many city blocks were flattened? How many skyscrapers collapsed? There had to be thousands upon thousands of deaths. That was a little much.

I don't think it's even meant to be ambiguous. Superman is screaming for him to stop and Zod outright says that he never will stop trying to kill, pretty much forcing Superman to stop him.
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