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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

53. Green Zone: C
54. Ninja Assassin: B
55. Mr&Mrs. Smith: A-
56. Silver Linings Playbook: A-
57. Man of Steel: B+

Not a perfect film but it's a speeding bullet better than Returns was without a doubt. Just as a film it delivers the excitement you want and should expect from a film of this caliber. The first hour+ is imo one of the best solid single hour of film put out to date this year. The back/forth with Jor-El & Jonathan as Clark has these memory recalls during his "exile" from the rest of us. Once he turns himself over to Zod the tone of the film turns and is just one big action film told in about 3-4 rounds with the narrative becoming thin to move us from moment to moment. Even within the film(not as an adaptation) I feel the film has some missteps that are best left for the spoiler allowed grading thread. I also think the film is 12-15min too long. The fight sequences become a bit numbing after awhile. Another damaged storefront or downed skyscraper doesn't drill home the force of the warriors power anymore at some point. While I'm a purist at heart for the classic look with the red briefs I was alright with this look. People forget that the first time Batman wore ALL Black wasn't till the Burton film. Now the past 20yrs that's all it's been, bye bye blue/gray's. So if this is the Superman look that stays for 20yrs+ I'm fine, it's just major enough and minor enough if that makes sense.

I'll likely see it one more time, see how it holds up since I'm not anticipating anything till Lone Ranger in a few weeks.
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