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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

Little bitof a round up here:

- Jamie Foxx reveals his Elektro voice on Leno:

Could a film that already has Elektro, Rhino and a pair of Osbornes (if not necessarily any Green Goblins) be about to add Black Cat to the mix?

I've also heard speculation (too lazy to link it) that Colm Feore is Adrian Toomes aka Vulture in this movie and that the various villains will form The Sinister Six for the 3rd movie.

Speaking of Amazing Spider-man 3, Sony has set release dates not just for it but for TAS4. June 10th 2016 and May 4th 2018 respectively. I guess we're not getting a Star Wars movie in 2018 - I imagine if we were, they would have nabbed that date. And so much for Sony selling the rights to Spider-man or letting them revert to Marvel.
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