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Re: Did Ron Moore get the Klingons / Romulans the wrong way round in T

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This is all bourne out with what we see of them on-screen in The Original Series. Klingons are repeatedly willing to create conflict where ever they go, despite the alleged Organian Pace Treaty with the Federation. They are also duplicitous. They'll say one thing then do the opposite. Romulans, on the other hand, are often shown as honorable opponents. The Romulan captain seen in 'Balance of Terror' is ruled by his own sense of integrity, and shows great pride and a distinct code of honor. The same can be said of the female captain in 'The Enterprise Incident'. She offers Kirk and Spock the chance to explain themselves, but treats them with dignity and respect (even as they outwardly treat her with none).

By the TNG, these traits seemed to have been flipped. The Romulans were traitorous even among their own, highly secretive, and often played other species for their own benefits. As Lieutenant Worf repeatedly tells us, "Romulans are WITHOUT HONOR". The Klingons in TNG are effectively ruled by ancient codes and ethics that they were duty-bound to uphold (even if, again, behind closed doors they often don't, cf. the Duras saga).

What do you guys think? Do you reckon the TNG writers room misunderstood these races as they were portrayed in TOS? Was Moore pehaps wrong to have swapped their attributes? Or do you think it was maybe a good thing, to show these races in a different light than TOS portrayed them?
You're right that the Klingons and Romulans had pretty much undergone a reversal by the TNG era, but it doesn't make sense to blame Ron Moore for that, since he came along after it had already happened. It began with The Search for Spock, in which the villains were originally written as Romulans -- flying Birds of Prey with cloaking devices and talking about honor -- but then got switched to Klingons without the script being substantially rewritten at all. That was the beginning of the association with Klingons and honor.
Good point.

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What's more, the Klingons only had cloaking technology because the Romulans gave it to them during their brief TOS alliance.
Rather, they only had it because TSFS was written with Romulan villains and then they crossed out 'Romulan' and wrote in 'Klingon' without changing anything else. And then the fans rationalized it by assuming that the Romulans gave the Klingons cloaking tech in exchange for getting Klingon ships as seen in "The Enterprise Incident" (which itself was just a passing handwave to rationalize reusing the expensive new Klingon ship miniature they'd just built).
TSFS opened up a real can of worms when they replaced the Romulans with Klingons. The design of the BoP in that movie is clearly a Romulan ship in every way that matters, and it deserved to be a Romulan ship. To this day I still think it was big a mistake to make them Klingons but let them keep that ship.

EDIT: Am I misremembering, or did I hear somewhere that at least one transitionary draft of the script actually had Kruge stealing his ship from the Romulans?
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