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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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Im pretty sure that when the filming model was built, they had windows in mind. Anything else they would probably have designed in such a way to make sure everyone knows that its NOT windows, IMHO.
Oh I know. I was just pointing out another way that COULD make it maybe work. When you think about it anyway, actual "windows" are kind of silly. I mean, unless the hallway or room the person is in is totally dark you're not going to see much of anything --not even any stars, really. They're too far away and there's too much ambeint light around. Not to mention the light being given off by the ship on the outside -- the glow of the engines, the running lights, the light from other "windows", even the ships shields or screens lighting up the hull a little ... all those things would make it next to impossible to see any stars at all through a window like those that are shown. Though maybe they could look out and see a planet they were orbiting, I guess. But it just seems a lot easier to use big viewscreens and just ask the computer to show you a certain view outside the ship. That way you'd actually see far more detail-- AND some stars!
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