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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Does everything have to be explicitly presented? That would make for a seriously dull film (in any case, not just Trek).
There are a series of Youtube clips that compress the plot of entire movies down to a minute or two. Here is the entire Godfather saga in three minutes. Is that your idea of a good time? I mean, is any amount of plot-compression too much? Just show a series of nonsensical explosions and call it a day?

Into Darkness had an incredibly fast-moving plot as it is. An extra few minutes of character moments would only have helped.
Considering that among my five favourite films is Lawrence of Arabia, I have very little problem with the length of a movie. But even Lawrence (a cinematic masterpiece) does not explicitly show everything required to advance the story. There are moments when the viewer is expected to make the appropriate inferences to keep up. I prefer to let the director decide what is explicit and what is implicit. If I have trouble "keeping up" with the plot because I cannot logically infer what has not been explicitly presented, I complain about it. No iteration of Star Trek has ever been too difficult for me to "keep up". They aren't perfect (far from it) but they hardly present unresolvable puzzles that leave the audience completely confused for huge stretches.

If you want an example of a movie that needed more explicit presentation of various plot points, watch the theatrical cut of Highlander 2. THAT is a movie with too much plot compression.
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