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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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...condition, just because a film can contains an episode doesn't mean it will be recoverable.
It would have to be devastatingly damaged to not be recoverable with modern technology. No soundtrack is required and picture-wise they only need to be able to lie the film flat(ish) to scan it. Scratches/cracks/dirt etc. can be erased, black and white recoloured and missing frames recreated from those before and after it. The film could break up and be nearly opaque and still be salvageable given enough time and money.

TemporalFlux wrote: View Post
The only reason they would keep it secret is for bargaining purposes. If it's public knowledge, then the guy with the film would see the public excitement for it and use that as leverage against the BBC.

This could all come down to the BBC not having enough money to buy the film.
They don't need any money. Give the 'finder' a percentage of the net profit.
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