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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

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"United Earth would be oppressive and the elites would rule!"

is the mantra of marxists, socialists, anarchists, tea partyers and libertarians.
That's a pretty disparate group that includes just about everyone across the spectrum.
Hmmm, not sure, but perhaps that was his point?

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Can we "Trek up" the discussion please? For the General Trek Discussion forum?
If something like Kellog-Briand was a major policy of United Earth (I don't see it, but hey) how would that figure into UE's response to the Xindi attack, and UE's participation in the Romulan War?

From what we saw on screen, UE's response to the Xindi attack was immediate military action, seek and destroy. I don't recall any dialog toward attempted communication, or engaging a third party to negotiate or mediate with the Xindi. The Enterprise was loaded with the newest weapons, a squad of "Marines," and send towards where it was believed the Xindi were.

And with the Romulan War, on screen (and pro/fan fiction too) the Romulans were confronted and had a disadvantage treaty shoved down their throats.

A Kellog-Briand philosophy doesn't seem to be evident in the UE's make up.

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