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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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If your audience has to do your work for you, then you’ve already failed as a writer/producer.
There is a short scene where Kirk ask Chekov about him following Scotty like a puppy for the last months.
There, mission accomplished.
The audience learned everything they need to know to accept Chekov in engineering.
Pretty much (in terms of explaining why Chekov could do the job--whether he should be doing it is a little less convincing, to me, but I chalk it up to the standard "must use each of the main cast in at least one 'moment' onscreen" rule that has been a part of cinema for, oh, over a century).
Absolutely... the exchange (IIRC)

Kirk: Mr. Chekov, you've been shadowing Mr. Scott in Engineering (for the last few months?)?
Chekov: Affirmative, Captain.
Kirk: Good, you're my new chief. Now go put on a red shirt.
Chekov: Aye, Captain.
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