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The TOS crew is now sci-fi James Bonds; the characters are timeless in that they are not connected to any one actor (though we'll always have our Sean Connery/favorites).
So the current ones are the Roger Moores of Star Trek?
That is a powerful, accurate comparison; the Moore Bond--in many ways--was Bond in name only. The trappings might seem similar, but the defining character, heart and aura which made the character an international popular cultural legend (thank you, Mr. Connery), was nowhere to be found in the Moore films--and for every sound reason.

The Moore films continued, but at the end of it all (A View to A Kill), no one thought the Moore run came close to the power of the Connery performance and films.
I don't think this is real camp like Moore was. This is probably more like the Brosnan era if you want to compare it to Bond than anything. Particularly the first 3 films. But I think this film had some good set up the first part of the film. If it followed through on that and made Khan a more developed villain in a 3rd movie instead of a reverse TWOK, we probably wouldn't get as many people that don't like this film. I think the characters represent their legendary counterparts. There are issues here and there and there are some things that the writing isn't quite hitting right. But to me the only thing better would be if we had a new series.

Moore has his own following and a lot of people(I'm not one) like him as their favorite Bond though.
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