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Re: Have You Ever Changed Your Mind...

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Well I was going to say only religion, but maybe there is one a bit more personal.

Through most of my life since I was 14 I was chronically depressed and passively suicidal. Eventually I came to believe I simply was intrinsically incompetent at life and would never successfully navigate it. I believed there were some people like myself who could not be helped and suicide was a viable and legitimate option for them. Two things changed my mind. One was the very random and unexpected way I met my future wife. The second was being lucky enough to find a program of psychotherapy that is tailored to chronic depressives. Not surprisingly the treatment is based around the fact that chronic depressives see themselves as passive and ineffectual in life. The goal is to see how they actually are doing a lot to create and maintain they're depression and by showing them that they can replace it with other behaviours. I have made a lot of progress in the last few years, and while there is still a very long way to go the days of me considering giving up my life are over for good.
That's really rather impressive. Congratulations.
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