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Re: Did they over do the crews obsession with Cochrane?

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I never quite got the Cochrane worship. Yes, he invented warp drive on Earth, but then humans got out into the galaxy and discovered that everyone else had already been using it for centuries.

I wonder who came up with it first? The Vulcans, 2000+ years earlier?
Presumably the ancient humanoids from "The Chase" developed warp drive billions of years ago. I suppose they could have used other FTL propulsion methods, though, or even used sublight ships.

Warp drive may be the first FTL propulsion method that societies develop but then move on to other methods later. If an engineer living and working in the remote reaches of a devastated postwar world can build a warp-capable ship out of cobbled-together parts, then warp drive may be so easy to build that no one can fail to stumble over it first.
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