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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 77; Fooling around

O'Brien: Hey, Dax, you're walking like a zombie this morning. Stay up with MORN last night?
Bashir: Oooooh *clicks fingers* you did not just say that, girlfriend!!!

O'Brien: Well wadya know? Quark finally got what he deserved.
Bashir: Mmm. Sooner or later Dax was bound to find out that Quark was spiking her drinks with hyvroxilated quint-ethyl metacetamin and stealing her tongo winnings.
Dax: (Off screen) Take this you big-earred freak! I'll teach you to mess with Dax!!
Quark: (Off screen) Someone, heeeeelp!!!
Kira: I would help if it wasn't so funny.
O'Brien: Oh, look; now she's pelting him with latinum bars.
Dax: (off screen) You want this latinum?? Well now you're gonna get it!!

Kira: Commander, we've just been to a parallel universe! It was amazing because their whole world was changed when Kirk was there almost a century ago, so now-
Bashir: Well you might think it's amazing but I damn well don't! You can sass all you want and go wherever just because the Intendant was.. Well you.. Then I just tell them my bloody job and I get smacked in the face MULTIPLE times and have to wear the same filthy uniform everyday. All you got was a fancy dress!
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