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Re: Did Ron Moore get the Klingons / Romulans the wrong way round in T

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I think it was wrong. For the original series to establish the Romulans as being the sneaky, technologically advanced species of Star Trek and all of a sudden give that uniqueness to the Klingons really robbed the Romulans from having any kind of real significance to Star Trek as a whole. Whenever the story called for a cloaking device or adversaries that could who could become our allies, it usually always boiled down to Klingons.
The Klingons always struck me as being anything but technologically advanced. Look what happened when Praxis exploded. Not only did the disaster force the Klingons to ask for Federation help, but the accident itself was also something that could've been avoided had they been more careful. What's more, the Klingons only had cloaking technology because the Romulans gave it to them during their brief TOS alliance.

I've always felt there were a lot of potential Romulan storylines, but the writers were loathe to explore them for one reason or another. I won't even go into the debacle that was Nemesis, which didn't live up to its billing as a Romulan film at all.

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