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Re: TNG Caption This! 317: Did you see that?

TFTW, Leadhead.

Geordi never let an opportunity pass to show off his mysterious ability to draw solid lines with his finger on any surface. Now if only he could do circles...

Another curious anomaly with Betazed physiology: Stunning them with a phaser brings on an instant orgasm.

Q: "Picard, since I can't procreate with humans, I'd like you to be the surrogate father to my son. I need you to have sex with Vash."
Vash: "C'mon Jean-Luc, just one time in the sack for old time's sake"
Picard: "I'm not buying this for one minute. And for old time's sake? My embarrassing STD treatment with the ship's doctor wasn't something I'd like to repeat."
Q: "Ah, haaaaaaaa!"
Vash: "Oh, damned. Well thanks, Jean-Luc. I just lost my leverage."

LaForge: "Uh... sir, I can explain."
Picard: "I think you'd better. This looks like Japanese anime to me, not the data I requested for this morning's briefing."

Worf: "What... what is that SMELL!"
Crewman (behind): "Oh damned... I think I should have passed on the triple bean burritos for lunch."
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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