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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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Now for Stargate. I really think thought that the series (not the movie) was a bit too silly for me. Maybe its just too sophisticated and I didn't realise.
It's not. Not at all. But it's still measurably deeper than TOS.

The Stargate TV shows are mediocre, cheesy and disposable fun with no sophistication or ambition whatever

Which sort of goes to my overall point. TOS remains a superior product, not because it was particularly deep (it wasn't) because it was really really good. The cheese factor in the original Star Trek is breathtakingly apparent, but we forgive the old series because
1) It's still somehow a lot of fun to watch and
2) What do you expect? It's 1968.

Despite what may people have claimed, depth and the pretense of intellect does NOT make for good science fiction. Sci-fi isn't about science and technology as much as it is about the people using it. That is, incidentally, one of the reasons why Steampunk is so popular: it's science fiction the strips the bells and whistles and lens flare and distills it down to the man at the wheel (on some level, this was also part of the appeal of Firefly and space westerns in general).
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