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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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And he was so fucked up over that that he exiled himself into space which opened a can of worms with Mongul. If Superman could have just gotten over himself, owned what he did, Coast City would have been fine and Hal Jordan would not have decimated the Green Lantern Corps.
Guy I think you have confused things. Coast City was destroyed post-Superman vs Doomsday. Supes was dead at the time and everyone believed the Cyborg Superman was the real one. Cyborg Supes blasted through the Eradicator and decimated Coast City. Which lead to Hal Jordan going mad with grief and becoming Parallax.
Actually, Guy's pretty on-target. Cyborg Superman worked with Mongul, who was looking to get revenge on Superman for deposing him from Warworld. The whole plan was to turn Earth into another Warworld for Cyborg Superman and Mongul. If Superman had never exiled himself to space, he might not have run into Mongul and Warworld. Mongul would never have lost Warworld, hence not needing to turn Earth into a new Warworld, so no Coast City destruction.

Furthermore, the solar flare which affected one space shuttle containing Hank Henshaw and his crew (including his wife) was what turned Hank into a cyborg (who would later return as Cyborg Superman). This flare was caused when Superman threw the Eradicator into the sun. The flare lead to an accident (reminiscent of the Fantastic Four's origin), which lead to the deaths of his crew, including his wife, which gave him a mad on for Superman. He jumped into Superman's rocket and headed for space, where he met Mongul.

So, in other words, Guy's correct. Without killing Zod, Superman would not have felt the need to exile himself off Earth. He would not have run into Mongul when he did, which not only lead to him fighting, shaming, and getting Mongul kicked off of Warworld, which he previously ruled. In addition, it was during this time when he met the Cleric, who had the Eradicator, which Superman eventually threw into the sun, creating the flare which in turn created Cyborg Superman.

That not only removes Cyborg Superman from continuity, it also removes Mongul's need for vengeance and a desire to rebuild Warworld.
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